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Exchanges, Refunds and Returns

If you do not agree with our product or artwork received, you can exchange or return it in the following ways:

For this, contact as soon as you receive the product, with photos and explaining the reason for the exchange. The deadline for sending this email is up to 7 calendar days after the material reaches you!

If the product has not met your expectations you can also get your money back and make a refund. (physical product) only the value of the digital creation will be discounted, since the client has access to the file and approved! then only the printed production value will be refunded! equivalent to 50% of the value.

Giving up on the Project after starting the creation, but THERE WILL BE NO refund of the value, for the designer's workloads, reservation of a place in the schedule and study work already started.

For money back, you have up to 7 calendar days to make the request, starting from the purchase.

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