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Store Policy

By Alanne Dias - Designer:

  • Develop the contracted Project.

  • Create the design according to the Briefing completed by the customer.

  • Give due customer service by e-mail

  • Submit the proposal within the deadline established at the time of scheduling.

  • Meet up to 3 (three) requests for changes in the Project requested by the customer.

  • Send by e-mail all digital files of items present in the contracted Project.

  • Keep confidential all information provided by the client in the creation process, until the project becomes public.

  • Have the project files saved for only 90 days, in case the customer requests it again.

  • After this period, an amount of 50.00 will be charged for the resubmission of the files.

  • Disclaimer

  • Irresponsible use or loss of files by the customer. (after the 90 day period)

  • Third-party plagiarism about the customer's brand.

  • Wrong information or typing error by the customer, after the material sent to the factory or already printed.

  • Delayed orders by post, wrong information given for shipping.

Alanne Dias' Rights - Designer:

  • Refuse services depending on their content or circumstances.

  • Suspend the project if the client does not send the requested information within 30 business days after the initial payment, having the right to reschedule the client for the next available date in the work schedule.

  • Postpone the agreed deadline for delivery of the Project for up to 20 working days (due to various circumstances that may compromise the progress of the agenda, such as: change of address, health problems, equipment defect, mourning, etc.).

  • Charge extra fees for changes that exceed the combined limit.

  • Publicize the Project of its clients on their social media to publicize their portfolio.

  • Only send all the contracted service/material upon full payment made by the customer.

  • When the project is already started and the client wants to cancel, I reserve the right to keep the amount paid to cover the schedule reservation (which could have scheduled another client who is on the waiting list), workload of work already started for surveys and sketches.

  • Due to lack of communication by the customer, or even not understanding what is being ordered and production is not possible, cancel the project order and immediately return 50% of the amount to the customer.

  • After 3 months (90 days) of non-responses from the customer without prior notice, the project is considered abandoned, so it will not be possible to re-create it after this period, the customer must make a new full payment and schedule a new one again creation.

  • Have a period of 30 days to receive the final amount from the client, otherwise the project will be excluded from our system and the client must contract the service again and schedule a new date.

By the customer:

  • Make the payment and send the receipt to

  • Provide the company with all the data required for the creation of projects, knowing the importance of this for the project result.

  • Wait for the established period and possible postponement (according to the company's rights described above).

  • Pay within a maximum of 30 days after the project is finalized and approved, otherwise you will no longer have the right to the image and will have to contract the service again, paying the full amount.

    Customer rights:

  • Receive all the service and material you hired.

  • Receive the briefing to be answered after payment.

  • Receive due care, clarification and satisfaction from the company.

  • Have autonomy and the right to use image over files, media and materials received by the company.

  • Repent of the purchase within 7 days of contracting and have a full refund of the amount paid within 5 working days.

  • Giving up on the Project after starting the creation, but THERE WILL BE NO refund of the value, for the designer's workloads, reservation of a place in the schedule and study work already started.

  • By contracting our services, you are in agreement with all the terms above, and it is not possible to change any paragraph, unless the CONTRACTING PARTY and CONTRACTOR agree.

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